Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Where Can You Start With Your Fitness Plans...

... and Hopefully See Results and Stick to Your Program?
By David Stamps

Where do I start? Everyday people start to keep diet journals, rush off to fitness classes and join gyms. Some people have even decided to purchase fitness equipment and turn their homes into a weight losing, sweat accumulating, stress relieving oasis.

Truth be told all of these attempts at getting fit and fitting into those smaller size jeans are great. Unfortunately many of us, once the dust settles, will watch our equipment become storage units or clothes racks. We will let our fitness membership fall by the waist side, hence why they have you pay for everything up front or sign a commitment. So where can you start with your fitness plans and hopefully see results and stick to your program?

Well kids, this is your lucky day! I have a few simple suggestions to jump start your program and hopefully find success and longevity in the process.

First, make cardio a priority. Loosing weight, burning calories, what ever you want to call it begins with breaking a sweat and you can start with simply making a plan to walk after work, park in the farthest parking space at work and while running errands and walk or start taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Secondly, cut back on those portion sizes. I know this can be extremely hard, but it's a new year and we are going to take some chances. When you order food at a restaurant have your waiter/waitress bring you a "to-go" box with the food and once it arrives simply place half of your entree in the box to take home. The food is not wasted, and you have just created an additional, reasonable size meal for another time. Try the same thing at home, fix your plate of food as you normally would then take half off and place it in Tupperware for later. I guarantee you will not be hungry after eating the portion left on your plate and if you are hungry in a couple of hours feel free to enjoy your leftovers. Smaller meals throughout the day keep our metabolism strong and keep us for overindulging.

These few actions will help get you started on your journey and as you see results the motivation will increase. Too much too soon can cause burn out so don't try to take on the world at once. Tossing money at problems usually doesn't fix things, take action and enjoy the process. I believe in you.

And for my beginners out there who want an extra kick or the fitness folks who want to try something different there is a series called Chair Aerobics for Everyone. Amazingly fun choreography including Char Salsa, Chair Bellydance, Chair Boxing, Chair Yoga, Chair Tai Chi and so much more and its all done in the comfort of your own home and in a chair! If you cannot stand for prolonged periods of time, fitness is brand new to you or space is limited this may be an amazing addition to your library.

About David:

David is a certified fitness instructor, personal trainer and writer. He has worked in over a dozen fitness videos, infomercials and programs. He is currently completing his first fitness book, I USE TO BE FAT and he resides in Los Angeles, CA.